Nicole Fichera
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Interior Design

47 Winchester

From a 100-year old townhouse to stylish airbnb

Boston's historic brick brownstones are charming and well-loved, but they were designed for a different century. When we looked at this project, we thought about how we could redesign one of these historic, signature buildings to meet the needs of our 21st century community. This project was about more than just converting a historic home into a modern one--this needed to be a place that supports frequent guests, showcases local artists and creatives, and hosts fundraisers and concerts. 

It also needed to be designed specifically for groups: Many families come into Boston every year to visit universities, cheer on relatives in the Boston Marathon, attend commencement ceremonies and weddings, and more. Standard hotels don't work for groups and families, and most large AirBNBs have spotty quality or are located on the fringe of the city.

This is a home that lets families travel the way they want to: with plenty of space to gather and spend quality time, with all the predictability and services they could find at a high-end hotel. 

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