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Somerville Triple Decker

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This was me and my husband's first home together, and we had so much fun working together to make it beautiful. Style-wise, we both love color, so the biggest challenge was making lots of different colorful things feel balanced and integrated through the whole apartment. And I love that all of our stuff is full of stories: the dresser we put together backwards, the first chairs I ever reupholstered, the rug his sister brought back from Turkey, artwork made by us and our family and friends.

Three of My Best Tips and Tricks for Creating a Successful Small Space::

1. Let the space drive the layout, quirks and all. Our place has weird isolated kitchen cabinets, doors pretty much in every single wall, random hooks in the ceiling...we have incorporated almost every one of those things into our design, and it makes it all feel intentional and cohesive.

2. Art, art, art, art, art! Big art, small art, cheap art, original art, goodwill art, family art...having lots of artwork around makes your space warm and interesting. There are no rules: if it makes you happy, it belongs.

3. It takes a while--and it will never be 'done'. Homes are reflections of our own changing lives, tastes, budgets, priorities. It won't come together in a day, and it will keep changing always.

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