Nicole Fichera
Nicole Fichera

I'm Nicole Fichera.

I'm a creative entrepreneur on a journey to help creatives everywhere live life on their own terms. 

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I'm genuinely obsessed with entrepreneurship and creativity.

I'm obsessed with figuring out what it takes to move from a beautiful fragile idea to a robust, resilient business.

I'm obsessed with creating systems that allow people to make a bet on themselves, to build their lives around what is most meaningful to them.



I've worked around startups for years, and I'm an expert on building urban innovation ecosystems. But while I love startups, you won't hear me talking about the hottest new app company or the latest big exit.

Instead, I like to zero in on the systems, spaces and frameworks that allow creative people to be their best selves, trust their instincts and design their lives with confidence. 



your creativity matters.

My work is dedicated to making the world a better place for creative entrepreneurs. 



Described by Nicole Fichera...the ‘squishy stuff’ is the human glue that connects the components of the ecosystem.
— Future Cities Collaborative
It’s unusual for a designer to manage a building she helped to conceive.
— Citylab
Like most successful people, Nicole Fichera is not defined solely by her work.
— Bostinno